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Your first 24 hours in the BVI with Bonita

The launch of the American Airlines direct flight from Miami to Tortola in mid-2023 was a game-changer for the economy and tourism industry here in the BVI.

With the industry already accounting for 70% of the BVI’s GDP, the new AA route brings a potential new wave of growth to an already booming sector. Although halted for the BVI low season, the AA flights are set to resume on the 16th of November (mark it in your diaries!).

Bonita is also doing their bit to drive new visitors to our beautiful islands - creating an unparalleled luxury experience from the moment you land to the moment you leave.

We’ve painted you a little picture of the first 24 hours in the BVI with Bonita:

Excitement builds as you peek out the window of a small puddle-jumper plane and see the various islands of the BVI come into view. Virgin Gorda on the right, Ginger, Cooper, and Salt Island to your left. After landing you are escorted off the plane, through the airport, bypassing any and all lines. You may wonder how the team knows who you are… we don’t want to give away all our secrets.

After sailing through a queue-less immigration, your bags are collected by our team and loaded into your private airport transfer that is eagerly waiting to take you to your villa. Depending on where your villa is located on the island, the journey is between 15 - 45 minutes, allowing you to take in the rural, natural and local lifestyle of the BVI.

The moment comes when you arrive at your villa. The doors of your transfer are opened for you and you’re greeted with a glass of champagne as you enter your home for the next few weeks. Of course, the first thing you and your guests will want to do is open the doors to reveal the breath-taking view of the BVI and pool area before roaming around the property, exploring the amenities and choosing your bedroom.

It is suddenly early evening and with every guest who books their villa with us, we have pre-arranged an evening meal for you outside so you can experience the wondrous BVI sunset skies. We begin by offering Antipasti boards, light bites, snacks and cocktails. Dinner can be anything from pizza from our favourite Italian restaurant to a 3-course meal prepared by our private chef.

After dinner and a day of traveling, you retire to your rooms where your bags are waiting for you and you drift off into a restful sleep.

Dawn arrives and you wake up to the sun glistening through the curtains as it rises. Morning coffees are made and a breakfast of fresh pastries and local fruit awaits in the kitchen. You all decide on a morning swim and dive into the perfect temperature pool with a view of your dream in the background.

It is this exact moment when you realise you are about to have a vacation of a lifetime.

Our team is on hand for anything you need, big or small so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Explore our villas and create your own story with Bonita.


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