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The Chandelier Experience

Where Caribbean flare meets European Elegance.


A bespoke fine-dining experience predicated on ideas of elegance, serenity and creativity.

The Experience

Enjoy a champagne reception as you arrive to the beach, sit back and enjoy the golden hour rays before you embark on your culinary journey guided by your private chef for the evening. The sun begins to set and you're ushered to your table for two, lit up by the elegantly hanging chandelier from above.

The courses begin to role out, each even more meticulously prepared than the last and each wine richer than its predecessor. At this point, the only light that remains is the soft chandelier glow illuminating your little section of the beach and the flames slowly dimming in the distance from your chef's barbecue.


Finish the night with a starlit walk along the shore or simply enjoy the company of each other under the warmth of the chandelier, bellies full and memories made.

This is the Chandelier Experience.


What's included?


- Champagne reception

- Four course meal prepared by our private chef

- Wine pairing curated by our in house sommelier 

- Set up and breakdown of the event

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