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Top 5 Date Ideas in the BVI

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Whether you're a long-term couple seeking new sparks or embarking on a first date with someone special, the BVI offers a treasure trove of romantic possibilities. From sunset sails to secluded beach picnics, each suggestion on our list is carefully curated to provide you and your loved one with a taste of the Caribbean's unparalleled beauty and charm. So, let the magic of the British Virgin Islands weave its spell as we explore the top 5 date ideas that will have you falling head over heels in love all over again.

1. Beachside Bliss with Pizza & Prosecco at Sunset

Picture this: a pristine shoreline, the rhythmic sounds of the ocean, and the delightful aroma of freshly baked pizza. Thanks to Bonita, this dreamy scenario is just a request away. Imagine the convenience of having us bring a delectable pizza and a chilled bottle of Prosecco straight to your chosen spot on the beach, all arranged on a charming picnic setup. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that your beachside feast is not only delicious but also served with flair. Just let Bonita know which beach you're at and your preferred pizza choices. Whether you're lounging on the sandy shores of Trunk Bay, craving a classic Margherita or enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of Long Bay, with a Pepperoni masterpiece, Bonita ensures that everything is crafted to your taste.

Couple having a picnic on the beach

2. Couple’s Massage with Journey's

Need time to unwind? Getting a massage with your significant other is not only a relaxing pleasure but also an opportunity to create lifelong memories. A shared massage can help you unwind from any stress/anxiety, further helped by the presence of your loved one.  Whether you're looking for a deep tissue massage to release tension or a Swedish massage to promote relaxation, it leaves you feeling rejuvenated and connected with your partner. In addition to the physical benefits, a couples massage can also strengthen emotional bonds and improve communication between partners. It provides a unique opportunity to reconnect and show affection, fostering a deeper sense of intimacy in the relationship. The shared experience of relaxation and rejuvenation can create a lasting sense of closeness and contentment in your partnership.

Since 2003, Journey's Health Spa has been providing specialised massage and stretching treatments for general well-being, injury rehabilitation, and muscular relaxation. With a team of highly skilled therapists, Journey's ensures that each massage is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of every couple. Book your couples massage today and embark on a journey of relaxation and intimacy together.

Massage given by Journey's Health Spa masseuse

3. Underwater Adventure: Snorkeling

Picture yourselves, hand in hand, submerged in the underwater ballet of nature's spectacle. As you marvel at the delicate ballet of marine life and exchange glances amid the captivating coral reefs, the ocean becomes a canvas for the masterpiece of your shared connection. Delve into the heart of the ocean's beauty with the intimate embrace of snorkelling, a soul-soothing escapade that not only rejuvenates the spirit but also amplifies the rhythm of your shared heartbeat. While the there may be initial hesitation, through the lens of a snorkel mask, you and your special someone can discover the kaleidoscope of marine wonders, a tapestry of vibrant hues and living artistry within the coral gardens. This shared odyssey beneath the waves becomes a testament to the depth of your bond, an aquatic adventure etched in the pages of your romantic narrative.

We Be Divin' as a partner at Bonita, offers private day trips to three locations around the BVI for you to explore. Don't miss out on the opportunity to discover the beauty of the ocean while improving your breathing and respiration through this exciting activity.

Visitor snorkeling with BVI oceanlife

4. Sail into the Sunset Splendor: A Culinary Journey with A Private Chef

Picture yourself and your special someone aboard a yacht, the gentle sea breeze caressing your faces as your private chef prepares a gourmet dinner tailored to your tastes and desires.

From delectable appetizers to sumptuous main courses and decadent desserts, every dish is crafted with precision and artistry. A private chef curates a menu that reflects your preferences, ensuring a dining experience that is as unique as the breathtaking sunset unfolding before you.

Whether it's a romantic celebration, a milestone moment, or simply a desire, a culinary journey on the waves promises an intimate and enchanting evening.

Catamaran at sail during sunset

5. Weekend at Little Dix

Looking for a romantic weekend getaway? Rosewood offers three distinct lodging options for your selection. The link with the island’s rich tropical scenery is accentuated by open, light-filled interiors and attractive outdoor living areas. The luxurious villas provide unparalleled seclusion on the beach or hillsides above the bay, while the rooms and suites are quietly tucked away among the well-kept gardens and covered walkways that border the resort's immaculate crescent beach. Each residence features a personal butler and views of the ocean.

There is truly something for everyone to enjoy at this resort, whether you are seeking relaxation or adventure. The resort offers a wide range of activities, such as day sailing, snorkelling, tennis, and pickleball, to keep guests entertained. Additionally, the spa provides rejuvenating treatments and massages for those looking to unwind and pamper themselves.

Image of Little Dix Restaurant from boat dock.


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