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How we do low season in the BVI

Although the BVI may slow down during the low summer season, the natural beauty and the simple Caribbean way of life continue regardless of rain or shine.

Bonita have expanded our service offering into Villa bookings with some of the finest properties on Tortola, so we thought we'd give you an insight on utilising Bonita's In-Villa experiences and the BVI's natural landscape to create a bespoke itinerary for you to enjoy in the comfort of your vacation villa. We guarantee you’ll end your trip feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and educated.

In-Villa Personal Training

Wake up to the glow of the BVI sunrise as you open your curtains revealing a breath-taking ocean view. You head down to the kitchen to make your morning coffee before your personal trainer arrives at your villa.

Whether you’re looking for a quick cardio hit or more strenuous weight training session, our personal training partners can create a bespoke workout and meal plan for the duration of your stay. Leaving your vacation feeling healthier than when you arrived is something we can certainly support you with.

Personal training in the BVI

Beach Yoga

Beach yoga is one of the most calming and tranquil activities we have to offer- just you, the natural BVI beauty and the present moment.

Listening to soft waves crash on the shore, feel the light cool breeze against your skin as your body relaxes and you enter a moment of zen. Our private yoga sessions are tailored to your party’s needs and experience. We can organise an instructor to teach you the basic foundations of yoga or have you moving to build-up a sweat and feel challenged. You let us know and we’ll do the rest.

Beach yoga at Trunk Bay, BVI

In-villa spa

Picture yourself enjoying a full-body massage, the BVI ocean view as your backdrop. 60 minutes of pure tranquillity. Then, bask in more indulgence with a relaxing mani-pedi in a serene corner. Opt for healthy juices and cleansing lemon water to accompany your spa day or treat yourself to a glass (or two) of Champagne - whatever tickles your fancy.

In-villa massage in the BVI

Mixology Classes

Shake things up with a cocktail-making class allowing you to enjoy your masterpieces with your evening meal. Learn how to make your favourite cocktails and popular concoctions with our preferred BVI spirits companies and local ingredients for a unique taste of the BVI.

Cocktail making class in the BVI

Private Chef

The pièce de résistance of your In-Villa experience is being wined and dined with one of our incredibly talented private chefs who will take you on an unforgettable culinary journey. Savour the exotic tastes of local cuisine with a surprise menu of local favourites, or share your specific requirements for a more fine-dining-focused evening with impeccably made food to suit your every need.

Private chef services in the BVI


With hidden and treasured trails across the various islands of the BVI, this is a must-do activity when you visit. Each hiking trail is filled with beautiful scenic natural landscapes, education on the history of the BVI and meeting like-minded people to enjoy the experience with. Head over to Salt Island for a more rural advanced trek or stick to the hidden jungle adventure of one of the easier trails on Tortola.

Hiking on Salt Island, BVI

Contact us with your interests and requirements and let us create your bespoke itinerary.


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