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A Day Charter with Johnny's

To showcase the pinnacle of what the British Virgin Islands have to offer, one usually does not have to look further than a day out on a powerboat. A day charter with Johnny’s catered to your day-on-the-water-needs is something Bonita holds in high regard. Upon embarking on the nearby island of Tortola, just a stone throw away, let us take you on a journey to some gems we at Bonita find noteworthy for your day out at sea.

Regarded as one of the best shallow snorkelling and diving destinations of the BVI, the Indians consist of four islets of impressive jutting rock, casting glittering dark blue shadows over vibrant, shallow coral gardens. A plethora of marine life and crystal blue water makes the Indians a perfect playground to spend a morning basking in the early sun. Dipping in and out of the water to snorkel or paddleboard and resurfacing for a quick refreshment on board before jumping back in. The Indians harness an apparent and striking appreciation for the marvellous and magical underwater world the British Virgin Islands has to offer.

Back on the yacht to the nearby Norman Island marks the next phase of the day. Located on the Southern tip of the British Virgin Islands archipelago and allegedly named after a pirate in the 18th century (as well as being reputed to be the inspiration for Robert Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island) - Norman Island has caves and hidden bays aplenty, making it the perfect refreshing and exciting pitstop after a morning in the water. Adventure is not the only thing that awaits you on Norman’s landscape, but the famous Pirates Bight restaurant catering to your luncheon appetite. A selection of fresh local produce from salads to seafood and light bites does the trick. After the last drip of your lunchtime cocktail has been sipped and the shards of the sun’s evening rays start to turn the beaches a golden hue, a short jump to the Willy T across the bay is where you will find the perfect end to the day.

Since 1989 the legendary Caribbean floating bar, the Willy T, has attracted guests from far and wide. Being known as the perfect sundowner location on the water, as the evening sets in, the bobbing bar attracts sailors and fun-seekers aplenty. All ending their day by swapping stories and having drinks as the stars come out. For Bonita, delivering a balanced day of adventure, relaxation and new memories is of the utmost importance and ending at the Willy T is a must do!

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